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Mini E Unplugged


Mini has seen huge success with its rejuvenated hatchback since its launch. Ok, so other than its retro looks it doesn’t share many characteristics with the iconic forerunner but the sales do speak volumes. You can’t go into a car park today and not spot a Mini in some shape or form but with rival companies closing in on the little hatch and pushing new markets the brand had to jump on the bandwagon. To be more specific the electric bandwagon but today Mini E trials come to an end.

The Mini E, as you can guess, is an electrified Cooper and for a good period of time have been out in the wild not for sale but in the trusted hands of pioneers. The 40 Mini E’s in the UK were returned to the Oxford plant today after the program covered over 7 million miles globally since 2008. The data gathered is very valuable to parent company BMW as they plan to use it in developing their new i3 city car.

Will there ever be an electric Mini for public consumption? More than likely but BMW will want to take full advantage of the program first.