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Mini Going For Gold In 2012 Olympics


The Olympic games come to dear old England next year for the 2012 London games. Promotion is relentless at the moment as banners, T.V. adverts and celebrity endorsement are in full swing. Mini are going for gold, and by that we mean they are out to make a penny or two out of the event. A new 2012 special edition is on its way.

Available on all Cooper hatchbacks excluding the One and Convertible, they will be limited to just 2012 units. Donning a Union Jack inspired stripe and some unique 17 inch grey alloy wheels they do look rather smart. London 2012 logos are also found on the roof just incase people in low flying aircraft were curious about your Mini. The colour choice is from, yes you’ve guessed it; red, white  and blue. Inside the car has the London skyline patriotically etched into the dashboard.

Prices start from £17,800 but can blast off to over £20,000 for the SD model.