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Mini to Produce Tiny City Car


In a world where what you drive reflects upon a multitude of things, such as tax or even how many eggs the environmentalists will throw at you, manufacturers have been turning to the dark green side of the industry to please the Eco-folk. Mini has been toying with the idea of a small electric city car for a couple of years now and even produced the Mini E, an all-electric Mini that is leased to customers. However the Mini philosophy has been lost in translation to its German overloads as they continue to build bigger Mini’s, undermining the cars very name. They say it is due to safety but now the grand idea of “smaller is better” is once again proving its worth. This is the Mini Spiritual Concept.

Despite looking like a bloated chinchilla, the Spiritual is in fact the same size as the original car making it the first Mini in 10 years to truly be mini. Officials within Mini referred to this concept study as the “minor” possibly hinting that this car could one day share the name of its forefather. The Spiritual Concept hasn’t been confirmed for production but with BMW developing a new 3 cylinder engine, it’s certainly looking likely.