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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Saved From Untimely Death


The Lancer Evolution, or Evo as it has fondly become known as, is the alternative to the Subaru Impreza. Think fire and ice, red VS blue, religion against science… The Evo is a legend and in its tenth incarnation it is better than ever, the FQ400 being a particular masterpiece. However the cars very existence came under threat when Mitsubishi announce it was to kill off the Evo in favor of a much more “green” model line-up.

Now just weeks after the announcement the Japanese company have made a dramatic U-turn. Due to immense public disproval from fans and Evo loyalists alike the car is to remain in production. This is the right choice as without this car the brand would not be as renowned as it is today. They promise to “evolve” the car, into what we are not too sure thought rumors of a hybrid Lancer Evolution have been about for some time.

Also Mitsubishi has decided to drop prices of the fabled car in the UK to a very reasonable £29,699.