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Mopar Create The Most Evil Fiat 500 For Sema 2010


We love the Fiat 500 with its neat Italian design and brilliant handling. The little car nips from corner to corner and just like all Italian cars it is a pleasure to drive. Now with all this business going on with Fiat and Chrysler it was only a matter of time before someone crazy got hold of the little hatch. Mopar who are famed for tuning up various Dodge cars are coming to the Sema show this year with a 500 in their favorite flavor. Muscle!

The Mopar Fiat 500 is just one of several cars Mopar are bringing to the show including a Challenger with the latest Hemi engine. But the 500 in its “liquid grey” paint with red detailing will be a key show stopper for them. The car has been widened and lowered giving it a more aggressive stance as well as those black decals that make it look like the spawn of the devil. Inside the interior continues the dark theme with lots of black and red trim.

Here is the video of what is to come from Mopar this year.