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Morgan To Produce An Electric Car


The 100 year old British brand of Morgan must be saluted for remaining independent and still a viable business proposition for so long. Their products quirky British character may look like machines of the past, but these days underneath is no longer wood but aluminum. The world around Morgan is evolving and so the Brit must move with the changes. They are to produce an electric car…

To be based upon the Morgan Supersport’s, this electrified blast from the past will be a testimony that the company is in touch with the environment around it. Working with the makers of the first grand prix winning KERS, this isn’t to be some show piece to keep the green party quiet. The electric motor replacing the BMW sourced 4.8 litre V8 may only have 94BHP but it does boast 300Nm of torque.

The prototype Morgan E+ is expected to surface early 2012.