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Motoring Masterpiece, Art painted by cars!


The world has produced some very fine artists who have gone on to produce some extremely influential art. Van Gogh and his amazing portrayal of colour, Leonardo Da Vinci created some of the most renowned works and of course there is the wonderful lines painted by a Caterham R300. Enter one of the most inspiring works of art ever created by a car and a bucket of paint.

48 hours at play with a host of RC cars, a go-kart, a Caterham R300, a Formula Two single-seater, a racing bike and a 6 tonne racing truck brought creator Ian Cook this! The 50 foot peace of art is breath taking as it depicts some fabulous racing machines including a few that helped bring it into existence. The painting was commissioned by oil and car care company, Comma, to celebrate 40 years of the brand being within motorsport.

So there you go, the world’s fastest paintbrushes!