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MTM Give R8 V10 777BHP


No matter what you driver, be it a Ford or a Ferrari, there are people out there who claim to be able to unlock your machines full potential. I’m not talking about sticking wings and rims on it, I mean proper honest to god alterations in the form of engineering. German tuning firm MTM have worked some magic on the already sublime Audi R8 V10 and the result is 777BHP.

Making its debut at the Geneva motor show, the MTM Audi R8 BiTurbo produces mammoth power thanks to the induction of two turbochargers and ridding the supercar of its paint. The naked aluminium body makes for quite the sight and a claimed 217MPH top speed makes the MTM proposition very tempting. Suspension and the aerodynamic profile of the car also have been thoroughly reworked. Though all this extra work does void your warranty with Audi, but then again, when are Audi launching an R8 with the power of god?