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Mugello is treated to the Ferrari 599 GTO


661BHP, 0-62MPH in 3.35 seconds and 12 cylinders each performing at their peak. The result of mixing this potent yet addictive cocktail is Ferrari’s fastest, most powerful production car ever produced. The 599 GTO with its Enzo surpassing performance and limited run of 599 units is the embodiment of the world’s most recognised brand and what they are so very famous for doing.

The setting is Mugello in the north of Italy, Ferrari’s renowned test track, and gracing the tarmac is, of course, the newest addition to the stable. On this fateful day Ferrari have handed the keys of a 599 GTO to Dario Benuzzi, and it’s at this point I should mention that every example of this car has been sold and this particular 599 GTO has an owner waiting for it. However Dario is no taxi driver, he is in fact Ferrari’s chief test driver. Check out the video for his blistering lap of Ferrari’s home grounds.