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Mugen Offer Some Extra Spice for the CR-Z


Mugen, for those who don’t know, are Honda’s equivalent to Mercedes-Benz AMG branch. Think crazy men in a shed bolting on parts to a Civic and you’re pretty much there. Although it could be argued that Mugen’s bolt-on parts for the Civic Type-R were unnecessary, they did turn the hot-hatch into something that looked like it was designed by the same architect as the death star. So what have they been working on now? Well if you remember the recent review of the Honda CR-Z we did HERE you can see that we were thoroughly impressed at how this was the first desirable hybrid. But Mugen have taken that definitive step over the line and are now offering parts for the sports hatch.

Later this year a horde of new bodywork, new breaks, exhaust system and adjustable suspension will be available at your local Honda dealership. If any of you had doubts as to this cars “sportiness” you can rest assured that these added trinkets will bring much to the car. Also some new alloy wheels will be available but we would advise not to purchase the new gear knob and bolts as they come to £211 alone.

We think the added plastic and bulbs look good, certainly making the CR-Z the best looking and most delectable hybrid in its segment.