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New 2012 Porsche 911 Official


We have had the spy-shots, we have had the teasers, but now it is time for things to get all official before Frankfurt. Ladies and gents, this is the new Porsche 911. Showing the biggest evolutionary step in the cars history, the new model is more curvaceous than its predecessor. As the car is playing nice with the camera we can see that it is lower and wider than the previous machine.

The cars new aluminium-steel structure makes for a significant weight saving of 45KG over the old model. Powered by a 400BHP 3.8 litre boxer engine (Carrera S) or 3.4 (Carrera) Porsche claims that the car will do an astonishing 32MPG! Factor in the optional PDK gearbox and 0-62MPH can be done in 4.1 seconds.

Prices start from £71,449 for the Carrera and £81,242 for the Carrera S. The all-new 911 hits showrooms this December, just in time for Christmas…