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The new 2015 Renault Espace undergoes a Metamorphosis


2015 Renault Espace profileThe Espace nameplate has been in service for 30 years and is as much a part of French car history as the 2CV and DS. When you need to move a lot of people and luggage from point A to point B, a Renault Espace is not a bad choice, hence the2015 Renault Espace front vast amount of airport taxi drivers that use them. However, the world is a rapidly changing place and so this car must evolve to survive. Making its debut at the Pais motor show, the 2015 Renault Espace has reinvented itself.

Changing from people mover to crossover, the 2015 Renault Espace has followed the trend and joined the industries fastest growing segment. The design has been very well revived perhaps becoming one of the best looking seven seat cars out there. Most variants of the 2015 car will have a four cylinder turbocharged diesel engine under the bonnet. A five seat option will also be available making for a versatile cabin.

Currently there are no plans to offer the car in right hand drive markets such as the UK, however, the French company are not ruling it out as something that may arrive in the future. The Renault Espace stopped being sold in the UK back in 2011.