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New Aston Martin iPhone App Sparks Mischief


Technology, one minute it could be the bane of your life and the next an absolute necessity. Computers that crash and MP3 players that catch fire are very troublesome but when they work life gets that little bit better. Aston Martin have just released a new App for the iPhone and boy, did we have some fun taking it out of the Inside Lane office and into the big wide world.

The App itself costs a rather princely £3.49 but it does offer a multitude of features includind speedometers that use GPS for accurate measures, performance derived telemetry, a map to the worlds best roads as well as an augmented reality mode that allows for video capture overlaid with data. However we had the most fun with the accelerator mode that matches your speed to the correct note of a chosen aston martin. We quickly found that if you move your iPhone rapidly enough whilst stationary the butch tick over turns to a rampant roar of V12 meatyness. In typical Inside Lane childish “wouldn’t this be funny” fashion we piled into Dan’s little Vauxhall Corsa and headed to a petrol station. Hook the iPhone up to the sound system and crank the volume up just as you start the engine. Not only does this instantly grab the attention of anyone with ears but leaves people bemused as to how such a little car has such a big voice.

Well worth the money…