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New Bentley Continental GT Emerges


Bentley, the gentlemen’s racer… Effortless luxury combined with a good bit of grunt to teach those other Europeans a thing or two. Though now owned by VW, and thus the Germans, every car is still manufactured in Crew within England. However the Germans efficient ways had crept into the new model of the time creating a brilliantly powerful car but none the less one that made no effort to involve the driver. It felt sterile and lacking of that character that all Bentleys should have. This car was the Continental GT, and now there is a new one.

I am sad to report it is not as revolutionary as we were hoping as the apparently “new sculpted exterior” appears to be the same as the previous car but with more garish chrome. Ok so power is up to 567BHP and 700NM of torque makes life very interesting but performance has never been this cars problem. Also it will be the likes of the Chelsea crowd who buy this car and instantly ruin its viability for ownership from any other life form that considers itself human. Though the British manufacture are breaking into a new market with the option of a more environmentally friendly V8 as are many competitors who are under pressure from the ball and chain that is the European government.