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New BMW X3 Surfaces


I’m afraid it’s true, the ugly and abundantly useless BMW X3 has returned. The key problem with this car has always been its self-contradiction in that it attempts to be a 4X4 but thanks to its small attributes its utterly crap in that segment. The fact that they have attempted to make it an off-roader (I use this term very loosely) also means that using it as a small run about is intolerably uncomfortable. So despite the models failings BMW have produced an updated version of the genital wart for the new model year.

I will admit that the styling has improved over the previous car, but this now only makes it just bearable to look at. The new X3 now produces 184BHP from the diesel and harness 380NM of torque making it a valuable asset to the caravan club. But it shall only be the snail on wheels club using them as its off-road capacity is still limited by its low ground clearance.

We will road test one of these but only because we have to, verdict coming soon.