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New BMW X5 Sticks to Successful Formula


2014 BMW X5 rearWhen BMW first ventured into the 4X4 market back in 1999 many were skeptical. Here was a brand that had made its name in rear wheel drive saloons going into a completely new segment, little did everyone else know that the SUV market was about to boom. The X5 has been a huge success and so when the Germans prepare to announce a new one they are very carful about what they change.

This new BMW X5 maintains the fundamentals of its predecessor but has also broadened its appeal. Visually it still has a bold stance but the reworked front end adds more details as well as improving airflow over and around the car. The new X5 is lighter and as a result, in its most fuel sipping form, can achieve 50MPG. At launch a 444BHP 4.4 litre turbocharged V8 petrol engine will be on offer with four wheel drive as well as a turbo 3.0 litre in-line six cylinder. BMW will also offer their triple turbocharged diesel engine with 376BHP. A 2.0 litre four cylinder diesel engine will find its way into the range at a later date. This new X5 brings with it a first in its class, the option of rear wheel drive on an SUV. The idea behind this configuration is one of fuel saving. The interior has been given a thorough going over with the cabin promoting a more luxurious feel as well as the option of a third row of seats.

2014 BMW X5 inside2014 BMW X5 front