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New Citroen C3 Diesel Will Do 83MPG


Currently fuel costs more than antique furniture and so we tend to try and save the liquid gold where we can. Having a car that sips at its combusting cargo is a very good way of cutting the costs of motoring. Citroen have just launched a new C3 that claims it will do a very impressive 83MPG.

This is the new Citoren C3 e-HDi 70 Airdream EGS VTR+. No we have not just made that up, that collection of seemingly disassociated numbers and letters is indeed its name. Its frugality comes thanks to Citroens start/stop micro-hybrid technology built into the 68BHP diesel engine. Emissions come to a very low 87g/km and the car in an extra urban environment could even achieve 88.3MPG.

The Airdream starts from £15,290.


  1. I was very surprised with just how much room there is inside this compact little Citroen. I am 6ft Tall and I have 2 teenage children and I was very dubious if we could all fit. I sat comfortably in the front without the seat right back, had ample legroom and was able to drive without feeling cramped, and the kids were able to get there legs in behind the seats and had room to move around without being hemmed in.