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New Ford Focus ST Testing To The Max


Bringing any new model to the market is a costly investment for manufacturers, and much less of an investment and more of a waste if it is slated. Ford’s new Focus is their first global car meaning you could go to the US and buy the very same car you would receive in the UK. This will boost profits massively for the car however had Ford got the formula wrong its failing would have been amplified exponentially. Thankfully the Focus is brilliant and we eagerly await the ST model.

Hot-hatches are a particular indulgence of mine. The cheap thrills of these little cars you can use everyday never fail to bring a smile to my face. Ford has quite the roster of cars that have done just that. The new ST model is being testing in every environment imaginable to insure the 2.0 litre 250BHP hatchback is every bit as good as what we want it to be. Over 60 test cars are in every corner of the globe are being put through their paces ready for the cars launch next year.

We can’t wait!