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New Ford Mustang Boss Unveiled


Friday the 13th is associated with unspeakable bad luck; some people so superstitious won’t even venture outside today. Oh well, there loss as out in the big wide world there is some rather exciting news. Remember earlier this week we told you about the Mustang Boss making a return to the road? Well here it is…

The rebirth of the Boss has been a long time coming and arguably one of the most anticipated launches of any mustang. This Boss 302 is said to be “raw, hard-core and race inspired.” This car is much more than just another pony with stickers, it has some vast modifications that have got us rather excited. Power is supplied by a 5.0 litre V8 that contains 440BHP and a torque level of 380lb ft. The breaks have been improved and fully adjustable suspension added to what now sounds like a mouth-watering package. Oh and of course there are body modifications on the limited edition Laguna Seca model that make you feel 6 years old again.