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New Honda Civic Type-R Looks Damn Angry


2015 Honda Civic Type-R sketchIn 2001 Honda hit the sweet-spot with its Honda Civic Type-R. A 197BHP hot-hatch that possessed great handling, a snappy 6 speed manual gearbox and a high revving 2.0 litre petrol engine. The car was great fun to drive and on top of its performance potential it was still a Honda Civic, meaning that it seats five and has a practical amount of boot space. Loon around on Sunday, back to work Monday… The following Civic Type-R was still a good car, but it lacked some of that raw charm that its predecessor had. 2015 is an important year for Honda with many high profile launches aimed at getting the Japanese brand back into the interests of a younger market. Well, the new Honda Civic Type-R looks damn angry.

To make its debut at the Geneva motor show as an almost production ready concept, the 2015 Honda Civic Type-R shows off its swollen touring car inspired bodywork for the first time. The authoritative stance of the car is positively its swollen touring car inspired bodywork Vents, outlets, diffuser, quad exhausts and that massive spoiler make this car look like it deserves an ASBO.

Clearly this new Civic Type-R has the ingredients for a rather tasty hot hatchback.