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New Hyundai i10 to Offer Style and Value


2014 Hyundai i10 rearHyundai have really matured over the past 5 or 6 years. Their products have emerged from a chrysalis of “cheap foreign car” and become a fantastic beacon for low cost but high value transport. The original i10 proved to be very popular in terms of sales thanks primarily to high levels of equipment for your cash, the new Hyundai i10 looks to do the same but add a good dash of style along the way.

There is no denying that this i10 looks every inch a premium product. The nicely detailed bodywork encompasses contrasting sideskirting, LED lighting as well as that angular front grill. From a design perspective it ticks many boxes. Details on the i10 are a bit thin on the ground and will likely stay that way before its official unveiling in Frankfurt. We are told that the car is lower and wider than its predecessor and aims to be the class leader when it comes to interior space. Hyundai still aim to make the i10 a fantastic proposition when it comes to value for money, but the question is, can it compete with the MG3?

2014 Hyundai i10 profile2014 Hyundai i10 front