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New Land Rover Discovery to be Revealed at New York


2015 Land Rover Discovery outlineThe Land Rover Discovery is 25 years old this year, so Happy Birthday to you! This strong go anywhere vehicle has been climbing mountains, crossing hostile wastelands and providing the perfect balance between work and play for decades. Its nameplate has spanned four generations each growing in their capabilities. For the cars impending fifth generation it would appear that something revolutionary, not evolutionary, is coming. New Land Rover Discovery to be revealed at New York.

To make its debut at the New York motor show, the all-new Land Rover Discovery will be previewed in the form of a concept car. This model will launch a new Discovery family that is set to spawn several variations. A teaser video has been published and from the silhouette on display it is clear that the new Land Rover Discovery will sport a steeply raked profile with signature wrap-around rear window. The 2015 incarnation has been described as “bold” by its designers and so we wait with much anticipation to see what this legend has for us. As the video below mentions, this is a “new age of Discovery” and so we should expect to see a host of new technologies being incorporated into what is already a capable machine.