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New Lotus Esprit Surfaces at Paris!


It has been a LONG time coming and with Lotus signalling a new era it was more likely than ever. The Paris motor show crown belongs to Lotus as they have announced their all new line-up (more on that later.) So with the excitement of a six year old child it is my pleasure to announce the new Lotus Esprit!

This is what Lotus had to say about their new flagship: “The ultimate Lotus returns in 2013. This exclusive supercar continues where its forefathers had once driven. The latest version of the evocative Esprit continues where its forefathers had once driven. This exclusive supercar combines ultra aggressive contemporary styling with an intensive immersive driving experience, powered by an all-new supercharged, charge-cooled V8 heart giving stunning performance through light weight, in the perfect expression of Lotus supercar ownership”

Ok let’s talk numbers because we can all understand them… 600+BHP, 0-62MPH in 3.2 seconds, top speed of 198MPH, it will rev to 8,500RPM. This car even incorporates the F1 KERS System!!! I am bursting with excitement typing this and I hope you are feeling the same reading it. The new Esprit will cost £110,000 and with the performance it’s pushing, it seriously undercuts the competition. Production starts spring 2013.