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New Mazda RX-7 to Get Turbo


Ever since production ended back in 2002 the Mazda RX-7 has been sorely missed in the automotive industry. It was fun to drive, not bad looking and above all good value for money. Car enthusiasts the world over have been waiting for a “new” RX-7 to arrive, and though you could argue the RX-8 was that car it didn’t really fit the criteria. With the departure of the RX-8 later this year, thanks to the Eco-Nazi’s, Mazda did confirm that an “RX-7 styled” successor was in the works.

However this new car faces the very same problem the RX-8 fell fatal to and those said problems are the new euro emissions standards. While the RX-8 was a fantastic car to drive, economy wasn’t its strong point and if the next-gen RX-7 (or RX-9?) is to use a wankel engine it may still have that hurdle to overcome. Mazda intend to get around this issue with the induction of an electric turbocharger making this next car both mean and green.

2013 is when the car is slated to arrive; let’s hope it’s worth the wait.