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New Mini Concept Is Actually MINI


Of late you could argue that Mini has strayed from its core principles of being small cheap utilitarian transport for the masses. The hatchback is a bit on the chubby side, the Clubman is anything but mini and the Countryman might as well be an elephant. So the answer to “how mini is a Mini?” is these days not very. However the companies new concept car may just change that.

The Mini Rocketman (please reframe from bursting into song) Concept really is mini. Ok at 11ft in length its still not as small as the original but it is smaller than the current hatch. Space is not only the theme in the name as this car does seem to be inspired by Stat Trek.   Amidst the mood lighting and futuristic shapes is an interesting 3+1 seating arrangement, some innovative folding doors, not to mention the capability of doing 98MPG.

More at Geneva.