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New Nissan GT-R Makes Its Debut


We all love a bargain. Be it saving a few digits on a bag of potatoes or cutting your insurance quote in half, there is no satisfaction greater than finding good value for money. So what is the car that offers the best ratio. Without question or shadow of doubt it has to be the Nissan GT-R. The supercar slayer destroys legendary machines that cost over three times its value and still provides a practical means of transport. Now Nissan has refined the science.

This is the new Nissan GT-R and being honest, it looks almost identical to the previous model. Other than a few tweaks to the bumpers and interior the car is largely the same on the surface. Under the skin, however, the Japanese have been using their fine tooth comb. The 3.8 litre V6 will now do 0-62MPH in an astonishing 2.7 seconds! Let us reflect on that for a moment… That is faster than just about anything road legal and only a whisker slower than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. 545BHP is channeled to the road producing 463lb-ft of torque in the process. All this speed means that if you are planning on purchasing this beast you might want to tick the new carbon breaks option box.