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New Skoda To Rival Ford Focus


Skoda of late have produced some rather good cars. Gone are the days when we would mock the company for being the benchmark for blundering and boredom. The Octavia is a fine machine and dependent upon how you look at it, so is the Superb. But the Yeti is the crown jewel of the line-up being great to drive and practical in every sense of the word. Now Skoda has firmly set its sights on Fords biggest seller, the Focus.

This is the Skoda MissionL Concept, well we say concept but this is pretty much the finished product. Like the Superb you can have the hatch/full tailgate boot as well as VW grade build quality. Just like all its siblings, the MissionL aims to undercut its competition when it comes to market later this year. Based upon the VW Polo’s platform this new car has a lot going for it.