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New Stratos Production Halted By Ferrari


The 21st century Stratos is a masterpiece. Beautiful to look at, beautiful engineering and with Ferrari power beautiful to listen to. Ferrari themselves had nothing but good things to say about the car when given the opportunity to evaluate the retro reincarnation. However now the car is set for limited production it is Ferrari playing dirty to prevent this cars success.

Initially a one-off, the new Stratos received top marks from many of the worlds motoring journals but now production run of 44 gears up Ferrari have said enough is enough. Pininfarina who designed the new car have been told by the Italians that continuation with production on this project may lead to them using another design house. A dirty tactic there is no question but does this mean that Ferrari are intimidated by this little car?

A sad day in motoring when the little company with a cracking product gets bullied into submission by the red devil.