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New Stratos Specifications Revealed


It is the E-Mail we have all been waiting for… When a German industrialist decided to build a modern-day Stratos we were skeptical but loved the concept of Ferrari power and true supercar performance. However the motoring world took note when the Ferrari president and his chief test driver took the wheel and expressed how impressed they were with how the felt and also its rate they it could change direction. But so far it has all been opinions and photos, where are the numbers? Today we have them!

Powered by the Ferrari F430’s 4.3 litre V8 heart the new Stratos will accelerate to 60MPH in just 3.3 seconds, better yet it will get to 125MPH in 9.7 seconds! Ladies and gentlemen we have a real contender amongst the supercar rankings. It may only get to a 170MPH top speed but that is in aid of much faster acceleration. The car weighs in at a light 1247KG and with 540BHP you can see where the previous figures come from.

The best new is the fact that there will be a racing variant. Roll out the Alitalia livery!