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New Subaru WRX Not Ready to RIP


2014 Subaru WRX frontThe Subaru Impreza is a legendary model. Race bred from the world of rally, this hood scoop wearing ASBO enduser with its trademark boxer engine was a real force of be recorded with. All wheel drive and with handling that often put much more expensive cars to shame, this super saloon deserves its reputation. However, in the current climate sales in the UK were not up to scratch and so the Japanese firm quietly withdrew the car from showrooms. A sad end, but news from the LA motor show might just mean a new beginning for the loveable brute.

Simply named the WRX, this new incarnation may be bound for overseas but with enough interest there is a chance it might return to the UK. Its chunky authoritative stance comes thanks to the WRX concept seen earlier this year and whilst it is clearly an all-new model, we love that the bloodline is still recognisable. Powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged boxer engine producing 264BHP and 258lb ft of torque, this hooligan still packs a punch. Subaru say that this is the best handling WRX ever, something we would love to find out for ourselves if it came to the UK.