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New Volkswagen Up! Is a Fest of Colour


vw-up-2The quest for ultimate performance and luxury continues to relentlessly spur on the premium end of the motoring industry, but back on planet earth, there are other ways besides smashing the 0-60 barrier in under 3.0 seconds that will get your motor noticed. Nowhere is this truer than in the domain of the city car, a fast-growing segment which more than ever before is embracing its inner quirkiness.

The Volkswagen Up! is a car that fits perfectly into this bracket, a pocket-sized thunderbolt whose lack of self-consciousness has chimed with many an inner-city dweller since its launch back in 2011. In time for 2017, VW has revealed a new generation of its popular city run-around. And in case your first thought was “what if they don’t do it in my colour”, trust us; odds are they do.

vw-up-3Whilst tangible exterior styling tweaks are few and far between on the new 2017 model – a pair of revised bumpers and a new LED DRL signature are about your lot – the new Up! puts the onus very much on colour.

Customisation in the paint pot department is so vast that VW claim that a very exact 63,180 new Up!s could pass you on the street before you’ll see the same colour combo twice. The palette comprises of 13 main exterior colours, seven of which are brand new, three shades to choose from for the roof and door mirror caps plus a myriad of options for the sporty new La Boca wheels.

For the most ostentatious among you, why not accessorise your Up! with one of eight body decals, effectively stickers with such witty puns as ‘THIS SIDE Up!’ plastered to the roof or even a motorway-style stripe painted up the bonnet and over the length of the roof. If you should start feeling overly conspicuous, the transfers can easily be removed until such time as you feel they should be pressed back into service.

vw-up-4Inside, new seat upholstery is also available in a variety of different colour combinations, as is the case with the redesigned dashboard. A new cradle houses your smartphone to grant full connectivity to an array of digital features, from your contacts and music library to fuel consumption data to name but a few. The addition of a DAB digital radio is another first for the Up! range.

Whilst the existing duo of 59bhp and 74bhp 1.0 litre engines remain for the base models, the higher spec High up! gains a third option in the form of a reworked 89bhp turbo petrol which shifts the new Up! from standstill to 62mph in a snip under 10 seconds.

Already available to order, the 2017 Volkswagen Up! can be snapped up from £8,995, with the more powerful top-spec variant pitched at £11,350.vw-up