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New VW Beetle Aim’s To Be The Peoples Car For The 21st Century


No matter what you say, think or do the original VW Beetle was a menace. It doesn’t really move in any manner more brisk than walking, it doesn’t stop once you get going and its only real luxury was the fact that it had windows. Despite all this it has a huge cult following and so VW with this next generation car has a tuff crowd to please.

The 2012 VW Beetle does have at least one point of interest as it is powered by a 200BHP turbocharged engine that promises to be very responsive, perfect for a nimble little car. On the subject of nimbleness the new bug as an intelligent electric differential promising a huge reduction in understeer. Competitive pricing and surprisingly muscular lines means that the Beetle could well break out of the “girls accessory” market unlike its predecessor.

The car goes on sale September.