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Nissan Esflow Concept SPARKS An Interest


I must be completely honest… I was extremely skeptical about electric cars before reviewing the Nissan LEAF. I thought them impractical, not worth the sacrifices and poorly made yet that car broke the mold of those that went before it. If other manufacturers can build cars as complete as the LEAF I can’t see any reason why electric should be suppressed. Nissan have taken the elements of its first all-electric car and aimed them at something a little more performance focused in the form of Esflow.

The Esflow Concept is set to debut at Geneva in March and embodies further applications of electric power. Motors of these types do also have benefits other than saving money such as instant torque delivery. Sounds perfect for a sports car and that is exactly what this is. Think 370Z meets the LEAF and you pretty much have it. Throw in some futuristic design feature and you have a car that can travel 150 miles on one charge yet has a 0-62MPH of less than 5 seconds.

I know many won’t think much of all this electric who-ha but I do urge everyone to go and try a LEAF. There are only going to be increasing numbers of this sort of car no matter your opinion, so you might as well form yours on an experience you have had and not public conjecture. I did and I now look forwards to a production variant of the Esflow.