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Nissan Gripz Crossover Concept has Z-car Pedigree


Nissan Gripz 1Last week, Nissan dropped the biggest hint yet that it was about to inject some serious adrenaline into its much vaunted and hugely successful range of crossovers. The unnamed concept was teased in a solitary image that revealed precious little of its overall design amidst a gloomy background. However, we saw just enough to convince us of its sporty credentials.

As the drip-feed of information continues to trickle our way, we can now reveal not just another image of the new crossover concept but also a brief video for your delectation.

To be named the Nissan Gripz, the new crossover concept is inspired by the Japanese brand’s famed roster of Z-cars, confirming previous rumours.  As you will see below, the Gripz takes particular inspiration from a pivotal yet oft-overlooked sports car of the 70s; the 240Z. This was arguably the car that enabled Nissan – and Japanese manufactures in general – to finally shed their unwanted reputation for boxy, economical blandness. Simply put, the 240Z made Japanese cars cool. Its achievements weren’t just symbolic either. As seen in this video, the 240Z made a name for itself off road as a fearsome desert racer after winning the prestigious East African Safari Rally in 1973.

From the brief glimpses we get in this video, the Gripz certainly displays a pretty sleek silhouette, quite unlike anything else in Nissan’s current crossover line-up.  Nissan sources say the design explores a new “sporty direction for a crossover concept”, clearly hinting at a greater emphasis on driving experience  than any of its existing crossover models.

Stay tuned for the full reveal of the Nissan Gripz crossover concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.