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Nissan GT-R Spontaneously Combusts


It is said that King Henry VIII combusted spontaneously and without reason bringing an end to the tyrants reign, however this is the first time I’ve heard of Nissan’s rocket ship, the GT-R, doing so…

Late one night after a security guard ensures that this Nissan dealership was secure and locked up, a fire was reported to the local emergency services. Nobody was in the building at the time nor was there any sign of a break-in. When fire-fighters arrived at the scene a sense of horror must have rushed through their brains as they saw a brand new Nissan GT-R engulfed in flames. They extinguished the demon as fast as humanly possible, but alas the damage was done. The bodywork is painful to look at and you can’t help feeling that this was a huge waste of arguably one of the world’s most fantastic super cars.

No official cause of the fire has been announced yet evidence does seem to point to a fallen showroom light that was next to the car. We’ll keep you posted.