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Nissan GT-R Track Pack Launched


The Japanese are just mad. Not in a negative sense as these people are just lightyears ahead of the rest of the world. Whilst we bumble about with vending machines they are streaming live T.V. on a mobile whilst on an underground rail system. In terms of technology you can’t do much better. This is also conveyed in their cars. The Nissan GT-R, thanks to its vast computing power, can blitz almost anything on wheels. Today it just got a bit faster.

We reported on the 2012 Nissan GT-R a while ago and we are still in awe of its incredible 0-62MPH time of just 2.7 seconds. Well, the very intelligent chaps at Nissan have decided that its time to make the car travel at an even quicker pace by optimising it for the track. This is the GT-R track pack and its modifications include; Rays alloys, racing seats, new break cooling ducts, missing rear seats as well as revised springs and dampers. The result of these alterations is that the car handles even better than the biblical base car.

All this for £84,450. Makes you curious as to why people consider those “slow” super cars such as the Ferrari 458…