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Nissan Leaf To Get FREE Electricity In London


Electric car incentives are popping up left, right and centre in a bid to make the world a greener place. Governments are offering to pay for a chunk of the car, dealers striking off VAT and guarantees on batteries longer than that on many components of a conventional car. The Nissan Leaf is doing particularly well with strong sales in Europe and just yesterday claimed 5 starts in the NCAP crash tests. Now we hear that Leaf owners can fill up for free in London.

Charging an electric car doesn’t cost very much at all, the Leaf can do 100 miles worth of travel for about £3. Despite this low cost if you live within 40 miles from a London charging point and you have just bought a Leaf you are entitled to one year’s worth of free charging. This deal has been struck up between Source London charging and Nissan themselves to provide further enticement for prospective electric car owners.