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Nissan Pivo 3 Concept SPARKS An Interest


Nissan over the next few years plans to expand upon its EV range. The Nissan Leaf was the beginning but it is by no means the end. We are soon to see their take on an electric sports car with a more production ready version of the Esflow concept car that they say is coming to market at some point. But beyond that Nissan haven’t quite decided what direction to take. One possibility is this, the Pivo 3 Concept.

As the name suggests this is the third car to use the Pivo name but the incarnation before you looks more production ready than its predecessors. The car places the driver in middle for optimal visibility with space for two more passengers in “V” formation. Both sets of wheels are capable of turning the little electric car meaning that a U-turn can be completed in a minuscule 4 metres.

When will the Pivo hit the streets? Nissan say in theory it could be 2016 but officially the project is just a concept.

Full Nissan Pivo 3 gallery HERE


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