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Nissan Sway hints at Future of Micra


Nissan Sway ConceptFollowing the successes of the Nissan Qashqai and Juke, the Japanese company are keen to put there name firmly in one of the best selling segments in the market: the compact hatchback, with the Nissan Sway. It has been unveiled at this years Geneva Motor Show and gives us a good idea of where Nissan want to go with the future of compact models.

The Sway has a very outlandish approach in comparison to many of the other models it will be faced up against in this segment. It is undeniably very striking to look at – with it’s dynamic stance, swooping lines and a more aggressive front grille in comparison to what are used to seeing. This daring and distinctive design are also helped by the boomerang style lights and raised C-pillar. This gives the Sway a similar design style to what we’ve previously seen with the Nissan Lannia Concept in Beijing last year as well as the new Murano which recently launched in the US. This has dictated a new direction for the compact hatchback as well as giving of clues for what type of design we can expect to see across the Nissan range in the future.

Another feature of Nissan’s new design is the floating roof, which is a panoramic roof framed by an extended C-shape construction  running from the A-pillars down the side of the roof. The exterior of the car is this almost space-age metallic blue/silver which is framed by a rich metallic orange. This vibrant colour-way is enough to turn heads when going down your road but still subtle enough to blend in a European city.

These contrasting colours continue through into the interior with a deeper blue alongside contrasting ivory and orange colours to give the design of the Sway more consistency. Also inside is the gliding wing shaped dashboard inspired from the IDx show car first revealed in 2013 in Tokyo. The reasoning for this design is both it’s elegance and simplicity to make a purely functional cabin. This functional approach has been adopted to give a more contemporary back-yo-basics feel.

More of this is evident with the exposed aluminium structure of the seats which are covered in a suede-like fabric, featuring intricate stitching techniques. Despite a compact car, this simplistic design and the lack of B-pillar make the inside feel a lot more spacious then you might expect.