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Nissan Takes On Ford With Invitation Concept


The Geneva international motor show is just around the corner and as per usual various guests have been showing themselves just a tad early. This year promises to bring a wide variety of machines and a vast quantity of them aim to rival a competitor. There are only so many segments of the car market that can be created without getting stupid like BMW have done with the X6. The B-segment is entering a phase of high competition with Ford bringing the new B-Max to the game this September. Nissan have been feeling left out.

This Nissan Invitation invites Ford to try its best whilst the Japanese match it punch for punch. Due to make production in 2013 as the aging Notes replacement, the high riding family car uses a heavily sculpted design language making a rather handsome to look at. The Invitation also matches the B-Max with a 1.0 litre option but pairs it with a supercharger. Emissions will be lower than 100g/km.