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On Yer’ Bike! It’s Aston’s Biggest Gig Ever!


Salon Privé is thrilling at the best of times. Britain’s most prestigious supercar show is one of those dates in the diary which keeps you awake at night, jittering with a Christmas Eve-like excitement , ready to run downstairs at 7 o’clock in the morning, dive under the tree and viciously tear the wrapping paper off of the latest remote control dinosaur. Come on, we’ve all been there!

If that description sounds very much like you, then you are in for an even bigger treat at this year’s edition of Salon Privé, where Aston Martin has announced it will be bringing along not one, not two, not even three but four of its most exclusive models. Oh, and something of the two-wheeled variety as well…

Where to start? Well the newest arrival is the eagerly anticipated and, until recently, highly guarded secret that is the V12 Vanquish. Such was the mystery surrounding Aston’s DBS replacement that we had to resort to shifty blokes with camera phones hanging around lock-ups to get hold of the first images of the car. As we reported earlier this year, the new Vanquish will be powered by the immense 565 BHP 6.0-litre V12 engine and it will be a pleasure to catch a glimpse of this carbon fibre-clad beauty in the flesh.

The car whose design inspired much of the V12 Vanquish, Aston Martin’s £1.2 million hypercar the One-77, will also be on display at Salon Privé. Possibly one of the most brilliant examples of precision engineering and craftsmanship in modern times, the example on show will be one of only 77 of the world’s most powerful naturally aspirated cars in existence.

Compared to the One-77, the £400,000 limited edition V12 Zagato is a mere drop in the ocean. One of the most exclusive sports cars on the planet, it is handcrafted work of art, combining the stylishness of the famous Italian design house with Aston Martin’s trademark chic. The result is sheer jaw-dropping beauty that would leave even the most hardened design critic drooling uncontrollably. Just 101 examples of the Zagato will be built, with production starting later in 2012.

The support act, if you can call it that, will come in the form of the ultra-luxury Rapide four-door saloon. Only at Aston Martin would a sub-5 second 0-60 MPH executive saloon look positively pedestrian!

No supercar show would be complete without some kind of bizarre sideshow, and Aston have duly obliged, with their attempt to ride the wave of Wiggo-mania currently sweeping the nation. Yes that’s right, if you can’t quite stump up the cash to buy one of Aston’s four wheeled models, you needn’t leave this year’s Salon Privé empty handed; providing you don’t mind peddling. The £25,000 limited edition One-77 Cycle is supposed to be perfectly aligned with its hypercar namesake and seems to feature more cutting edge motorsport technology than an HRT F1 car at about twice their annual budget.

If that hasn’t wetted your appetite for Salon Privé 2012, I don’t know what will. So much too look forward to from Britain’s most revered car maker and not a Cygnet in sight. Perfect!