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One Lap Wonder, Hamilton Claims Pole


Qualifying for the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix got underway earlier today and had some fantastic moments. The Montreal circuit makes a welcome return to the calendar after a one year absence, but one year in F1 is all it takes for everything to change completely. In many respects these cars are nothing like the last that were here as new regulations have brought slick tyres, wider front wings and a heavy load of fuel. But none of this stopped British world champion Lewis Hamilton from claiming pole with an inspirational lap.

The session timer had hit zero and the best time had been surpassed by every car to cross the line in quick succession. Hamilton was down in the times and this was to be his make or break lap. He drove the McLaren MP4-25 with aggression as he hunted for every shred of time he could save. Inches from the barrier on several occasions, it was a lap that every driver including 7 times world champion Michael Schumacher could take note from. Hamilton rightly obtained pole for the race and as a display of how close to the limit he was, the car ran out of fuel on its return to the pits.

This is set to be one of the best races of the season so insure you tune into our live commentary at 5:00PM GMT HERE.