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Our Best Look at the Aston Martin DB10 in Action


Aston Martin DB10 SpectreA James Bond film is always highly anticipated, and with the next instalment hitting the big screen on 26th October, 007 fever has set in. The last instalment, Skyfall, was arguably one of the greatest films in the franchise and so big things are expected of Spectre. Sam Mendes returns to the directors chair with Daniel Craig once again playing James Bond. A new addition to the cast is the Aston Martin DB10 and in the latest trailer we get our best look at it yet.

The Aston Martin DB10 is a car that has been specially developed for the film. You won’t be able to buy one, but beyond being Bond’s noble steed it serves a concept car previewing Aston’s DB9 replacement, likely called DB11. Curvaceous and beautiful, the DB10 stars in an epic driving sequence with the Jaguar C-X75.

This latest trailer gives us a greater insight into what is in store. Q unveils the car and quips about the car having “a few little trick up her sleeve.” Another scene with the Aston Martin DB10 blasting flames back at the Jaguar reveals that the car is laden with gadgets.

Fast cars, daring scenes, and even an more explosive storyline… We are waiting outside the cinema right now!