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Welcome to our New Website


website 2016 RSWell this is all a bit different isn’t it? Welcome to the all-new home of Inside Lane, a shiny new website designed to take us forwards into 2016 and beyond. The previous website that you are all familiar with did us proud and even whilst we were sketching concepts for the 2016 model year, it was still receiving compliments. It is that fact which lead to us retaining many of its key features, but also taking the opportunity to polish them.

“If it isn’t broken don’t fix it?” Whilst that is very true, in the past 2 years of the previous website, things have changed. There is now a strong demand for video content, our ever growing YouTube channel is proof of that, and we wanted to bring both viewers and readers together in one place. With improved video features making it easier than ever to watch the latest and greatest from the automotive world, we once again aim to put you in the driver’s seat. New layouts for articles also boosts the level of exposure individual items receive and an enhanced search tool means that you will find what you are looking for even easier. The website is more animated, more interactive, and more mobile friendly.

There will no doubt be a few tweaks over the next few weeks just to fine tune things for you. New features will be rolling out, and as ever, we will be bringing you the latest automotive news and reviews.

Buckle-up… Take a good look around. We hope you like what you see!