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Pagani Huayra Banned From USA


We are witnessing the next generation of high performance motoring. These new cars are about more than just biblical figures and focus intently upon the processes that occur before. The increased presence of active aerodynamics is a good example. Pagani’s new Huayra may be unpronounceable but there is no denying that this Italian is a technological marvel. So why has it been banned from going on sale in the US?

The car does not comply with US safety laws concerning airbags. Taking out all the legal jargon, the current safety features in the Huayra do not sense when a child is in the car and do not adjust airbags during a crash. Though matching European safety laws, in America the car can not legally go on sale. Pagani says that the problem will be rectified but not until 2013 when it is seen to be more “financially viable” to make the change.