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Pagani Huayra Officially Unveiled


The Pagani Zonda was a machine of biblical proportions. It propelled the small Italian company of Pagani to the top of the supercar game in its 10 year production run. Everyone from oil barons to Kings and Queens wanted to call one of these beasts their own for there was nothing else quite like it. However the days of the Zonda are over and we have morned its passing, but rising like a phoenix from the ashes is its replacement and it is every bit as deserving of the badge as its predecessor.

Named the Huayra, this one million euro beast makes the Zonda look like it is made of wood. It is propelled by a Mercedes-Benz AMG twin turbo V12 producing more than 700BHP! The car has 740lb-ft of torque, more than enough to cause the ground beneath it to disintegrate. The top speed is a mind shattering 230MPH and lets not forget this car weighs less than 1,360KG so expect it to get there with acceleration rivaling that of a lightning bolt. Inside the cockpit it is much more grown up than the Zonda with brushed aluminum and sculpted seating.

The looks are something that I personally like but it is only your opinion that matters to you. Ladies and gentlemen, the king is dead… LONG LIVE THE KING!