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Pagani Zonda HH Unveiled


Day by day the Pagani Zonda gets closer to its death, and it is a death that every car enthusiast will be saddened by as the Zonda from day one amazed the world. Design that could only have been penned in Italy, V12 power from Mercedes-Benz and a noise that could rival the big bang, all of these elements went into one of the maddest hyper cars ever created. Pagani have been churning out a few special editions of the Zonda before it goes but this one, the HH, is the ultimate incarnation.

The Pagani Zonda HH takes all the best bits from the other special editions produced and puts them into one passionate packet of power. It will have the Cinque’s V12 producing 678BHP, a carbon-titanium (carbotanium, the world’s coolest fusion of elements!) tub, carbon-ceramic breaks, as well as a set of exhausts that could be mistaken for weapons of mass destruction. The car will be around 30% lighter than the original and this one off should be with its owner by the end of the year.

The Zonda may be on its way out, but its success sure makes us excited about what will replace it.