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Peugeot Onyx Supercar Hits Paris


Peugeot are going through a really tough time at the moment. Withdrawal from the stock markets doesn’t inspire confidence or show the outside world that things are all rosy. The French company recently withdrew from the Le Mans 24 Hour series that they had a real chance of winning. Team members were literally told at the airport on their way to the first tests in Spa to “pack up and go home.” Peugeot spent a lot of time and money developing a car that never went racing, but at least that technology has found a home in this new concept car.

Striking isn’t it? This is the Peugeot Onyx Concept and in short it is a Le Mans racing car with a highly sculpted body placed on top. The exterior is all about design as it makes uses of raw unfinished materials. See those copper colored panels? Well, they are actually made of copper. The vast majority of the car is made from carbon fibre to reduce weight and on that same note glass has been replaced with in acrylic substitute. Inside the cockpit is made out of mainly recycled materials. The Onyx is powered by a 3.7 litre V8 Hybrid motor that produces 600BHP. KERS also features in this car and can produce an additional 80BHP at the push of a button.

Of course this car will never make production but at least it is good to see that even in tough times Peugeot can still make a grand entrance to their home motor show.