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Peugeot Strikes Back At Imola 6 Hours


Imola, the famed track where arguably the most talented driver the world had ever seen met his tragic end. Though no longer a part of the Formula One calendar, the track is still used for many racing events and has not lost its charm. The legendary Le Mans 24 hour of a few weeks ago was won by Audi’s new R18 and this following 6 hour event for Peugeot was about nothing other than revenge. Revenge is exactly what they got!

Peugeot 908’s crossed the finish line first and second crushing the following Audi’s by more than a lap. These two titans have clashed many times but the French team will be feeling a great sense of satisfaction especially as the two Audi’s qualified ahead of them. The International Le Mans Cup is all to play for once again and now Peugeot know that their weapon is more more than a match for the Germans.