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Peugeot Take Pole at Le Mans 24 Hour


Forget the world cup; the world’s most prestigious sporting event begins tomorrow! This event tests both the bond between man and machine as well as them both individually; this event is known the world over as the Le Mans 24 Hour. A car must perform to its maximum potential consistently and reliably over an entire day non-stop, just think of the sheer pressure every component must contain whilst in this racing environment. The component made of flesh is also tested as the strength required to drive for one race in these cars is immense let alone this lengthy period of time. To cap it all off Peugeot have taken pole for the race, locking out the front rows from Audi. Audi are looking for their ninth victory this year that they were denied by the French manufacture last year.

Car number 3 belonging to local hero Sébastien Bourdais takes grid-slot one with his astonishing performance yesterday during qualifying. His Peugeot 908 HDi FAP could potentially give him ultimate victory come Sunday morning. We can’t wait, but we still can’t work out why people would rather watch some overpaid drama queens kick a ball around instead?